2017 Alumni

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Damineh Akhavan

Damineh Akhavan

Janelle Breese Biagioni

Damineh is the Senior and Designate Engineer at Viking Air Limited, an aviation and aerospace based in West Vancouver, B.C. Her education consists of 

Janelle is Found & Chair at Constable Gerald Breese for Traumatic Life Losses. She is dedicated to the development of sustainable employment programs for survivors of brain injury

Nathan Cartwright Jennifer Chown

Nathan Cartwright

Jennifer Chown

An experienced senior accountant with a history of working in the individual and family services industry. He is currently Manager of Payroll & Accounting at UVIC Student's Society


Jennifer is transit supervisor at BC Transit. She is also part of the growth of an ultimate frisbee revolution that few in popularity in the Beacon Hill area

Gina Dolinksy Headshot Carina Foran

Gina Dolinksy

Carina Foran

Gina is working on supporting the development of housing for the homeless in Victoria, she is also part of the funding to develop the Housing First Model for chronically homeless people. She works as administrator coordinator at Capital Regional District (CRD)


Carina is managing the Good Food Box program through the Fernwood NRG, a non-profit alternative fruit and vegetable distribution system to southern Vancouver Island. Her official role at Fernwood NRG is Administrative Events Coordinator

Ximena Londono Headshot Ashley McKay LinkedIn

Ximena Londono

Ashley Mckay

Ximena designs programs promoting healthy lifestyles and ethno-cultural diversity targeting children and youngsters in schools. Her position at BC Francophone Immigration Program is Immigrant Settlement Facilitator

Ashley is administrative assistant to the adviser to the provost on equity & diversity at UVIC. her work focuses on all the details of orientation events for new Academic Leaders, new faculty and librarians at UVIC

Breanna Merrigan Headshot

Breanna Merrigan

Maria J. Soriano Carrion

As project assessment & officer at BC Environmental Assessment office. She assesses the thoroughness of any potential, environmental, economic, social, heritage and health effects that occur during the lifetime of a major proposed project in BC

With 10+ years of experience at international education & post-secondary institutions in Canada, Maria specializes in program development, research, data analysis, admissions and building partnerships. She is currently Clerk of Graduate admissions at UVIC


John Sherratt

Wendy Stone

John works as manager of Supporting Housing at Our Place Society. He has helped move 38 homeless people into a bed transitional home from tent city in three-weeks. He strives to build long-term homes and support for clientele through intital shelter visits

Wendy works as Program Coordinator at the Victoria Cool Aid Society. She also works an annual coat drive that collects, sorts and sets up a giveaway of donated items to those in need in our community


Amber Woodworth


As assistant manager of client services at Garth Homer Society, Amber is also a community volunteer. She has led a fundraising campaign to provide Christmas food hampers to families in need