2017-2018 Community Action Project: Team Generations United

Community Partner: Quadra Village Community Centre

Generations United is an event to engage Juniors (6-12 yrs) and Elders (+65 yrs) in intergenerational learning through facilitated group activities. This included an afternoon of intergenerational connection. Intergenerational learning provides social, emotional, and educational benefits to the members of our community while also forging a strong sense of connection and purpose across the ages.

We set out to define some of the challenges facing the younger and older generations in our community and create connections between the two to enrich each others' lives. Individuals were invited to partake in a series of activities that exhibit opportunities for such connection, then encouraged to take these activities forward to your community.

The activities include:
-Intergenerational Bingo: find out who in the group has lived in 3 or more countries, or who has 2 sisters... Prizes for the quickest B-I-N-G-O!
-Living Legends: youth and seniors interview each other, asking questions such as "What advice would you give your younger self"
-Gardening, hosted by the Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society's Welcome Gardens program: plant a seed in a pot that you decorate then take home!
-Kinship Pizza: Spin up a conversation and a snack using tasty ingredients
-Games: enjoy facilitated sessions of Storytelling, Uno and more!
-Collaborative Art: All will be invited to decorate their own piece of a large collage, exhibiting each other's lens on ourselves and our community. The collage will be assembled over the course of the event.

The event will kick off at 1:00pm and be wrapped up by 4:00pm; all are encouraged to come prepared to dive in, and forge new bonds and connections across the ages.

Team members:
William Doyle
Manuela Lale
Brooke Shaughnessy 
Jessica Olsen

Team Coach: Libby Rush