2016 VCLA Winners


Lifetime Achievement Award for Community Leadership

The UVic Award for Community Leadership

Judith Armstrong & Nick Marsden, Operation Trackshoes

Frank Low, UVic

Judith and Nick have dedicated over forty years to Operation Trackshoes while working together with hundreds of volunteers. Judith volunteered with the Special Olympics at the provincial, national, and international levels. In parallel with her volunteering, Judith was the founder and executive director of the Handicapped Recreation Society from 1975 to 1989. Nick has acted as meet director and chief administrative officer for Operation Trackshoes. Prior to this position, he taught mathematics at Camosun College for 42 years. Nick is credited as a catalyst for bringing together the hundreds of volunteers that make Operation Trackshoes so successful.   For twenty years, Frank Low has volunteered his time and committed his support to strengthen the connections between UVIC and the community of Victoria. Frank has influenced students and demonstrated the value of community service as part of a successful business career. He is an ambassador for UVIC, encouraging local businesses to participate in co-operative education and other on-campus programs.  

Rotary Clubs of Greater Victoria Award for Community Service

United Way Greater Victoria Award for Community Collaboration & Partnership

Deborah Antonsen, James Bay Beacon Newspaper

Ready to Rent BC

Deborah is the Administrator the James Bay Beacon newspaper and has since increased the number of pages from 12 to 28 and grew the volunteer writing sector to 40 people. The power of a community newspaper lies in its ability to reflect the concerns and values of the people it serves. Deborah is committed to fairness, integrity, and ethical journalism. Ready to Rent BC has a vision of community well-being through housing education and support. It seeks to help learners (both families and individuals) find ways to break the cycle of chronic homelessness and achieve stability in all aspects of family life. Ready to Rent BC has been a demonstration of collaboration in action. From program delivery through partnerships to a team-based staff structure, Ready to Rent BC is a prime example of distributed community leadership. 

Victoria Foundation Award for Children and Youth Leadership

VANcity Savings Credit Union Award for Social Innovation 




Artemis Place Society

Amanda Evans, Greater Victoria Green Team

Artemis Place Society has been delivering educational, life skills, counseling and childcare services to young women and teen mothers in the Capital Region for over forty years. The Artemis program provides a nurturing community where students’ social and emotional needs are supported along with their academic goals.   As the leader of Greater Victoria Green Team, Amanda has engaged over 900 volunteers to remove invasive species and pick up garbage along Greater Victoria’s shorelines. This work involved collaborating with 42 local organizations and managing thousands of hours of volunteer work. Friendly and engaged, she also makes sure that every volunteer feels welcome at every activity she organizes, fostering a strong sense of community around the work of restoring our ecological systems.  

Coast Capital Award for Children & Youth Leadership

Royal Roads University Award for Leadership Excellence through Coaching and Mentoring


Jordan Perrault, Youth in Action Neighborhood Engagement Initiative

Lily Seto, BC's Public Service Agency

Jordan was the Youth Community Animator for the Youth in Action Neighborhood Engagement Initiative, which is a special partnership between the United Way and Coast Capital Savings. The Youth in Action initiative empowered 23 youth aged 15 to 24 in the Hillside-Quadra and Esquimalt regions to create and develop neighborhood enhancing projects that are for the youth by the youth.  Lily is the current Coaching Strategist for the Talent Management branch of BC’s Public Service Agency and is responsible for developing coaching standards and training management as coaches for their employers. Lily is dedicated to bringing a coaching culture to all branches of government in the province of BC. Lily is constantly learning, adjusting and adapting to her own coaching approach through formal studies, self-reflection and peer groups. 

Leadership Victoria Award for Accomplished Alumni


Erika Ladoucer, Vancouver Island Paddling

As the Director of Youth Programs for VI Paddling, Erika ensures that people can enjoy the wonderful waterways and shoreline of Vancouver Island. She has successfully organized community events and mobilized volunteers to participate in other leadership opportunities. She trains and manages volunteer coaches to become role models and leaders of the youth paddlers at VI Paddling. Her leadership by example inspires youth and adults to promote health and fun around Victoria’s waterways.    


From us at Leadership Victoria, congratulations to the individuals recognized and celebrated for their acts of leadership in our community.