2014 Program Alumni

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Nicole Boulet

Jamie Boyd

Originally from Ontario, Nicole moved to Victoria in the mid ‘90’s. Graduating from UVIC with a Bachelor of Commerce, she has worked in Marketing, Events and Fundraising. Passionate about supporting youth, she has volunteered with the Young Alumni Council as well as the YMCA-YWCA Development Conference

Jamie has lived in over 30 houses in 6 cities, and now calls Victoria home. He started schooling England and has earned a BA in Political Science & History (UofT) and a certificate in Environmental Practice (Royal Roads). A stay-at home dad to two sons, he worked at the Victoria West Community Centre part-time

Judy Caldwell

Emma Cochrane

Earning her BA in Psychology from SFU and her PhD in Cognitive Science (UVIC), Judy began teaching at Camosun in ’98. Since 2010, she chairs the Psychology Department at Camosun and in 2012, she began her MA in Leadership Studies at UVIC. Italy being one of her favorite travel destinations, she is also studying Italian

Although born in Nova Scotia, Emma grew up in La Paz, Bolivia for her adolescence. Living there led her desire to pursue anti-poverty and social justice work. After completing a degree in Women’s Studies & Spanish, she worked in shelters for the Victoria Cool Aid Society and later, became Coordinator of Case Planning for Shelters

Gord (Gordon) Dimock

Monica Hammond


During his time in the CLDP program, Gord worked as an Operations Clerk at the CRD. Growing up in Sooke, Gord left for school across the country at Acadia University. He earned his BBA and his Bsc in Mathematics & Statistics. He enjoys running, playing hockey, hiking and running

Monica is born in Edmonton but moved to Victoria in ’71. She has lived here for 30+ years with her husband and daughter. Working full-time, she took online courses to become a certified paralegal. She is a manager with BC’s Ministry of Justice. In her spare time, she loves to be outside and hike or garden

Lorraine Hayhoe

Carla Jack



Born and raised on a farm in Gagetown, New Brunswick, Lorraine moved to Surrey when she was 13. In 2009, she continued to Victoria where she now resides with her husband Ray. Educated in financial courses through Canadian Financial Institutes, she has spent 20+ years with Vancity as a branch manager in Langford

Starting off as a museum curator, Carla has extensively worked in heritage. She is the Heritage Register Officer with the BC Heritage Branch, providing guidance to local government regarding documentation standards. With a BA in Linguistics from UVIC, she also enjoys spending time outdoors with her partner, Matt

Nathan Lapointe

Carl Mashon

A Victoria native, Nathan graduated from Camosun with a bachelor’s in business administration. Having completed his Certified General Accounting Program in 2011, he is at the Vic

Carl is of both English-Irish and Cree ancestry. Raised in foster care, he was adopted at the age of five and grew up in southern Alberta, where worked in the oil industries for 10 years. After finding his birth mother, he sought to serve the needs of Aboriginal communities. Leading him to work at the BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centre

Lynne Milnes

Reed Osler


Graduating from UVIC, Lynne has worked for BC Museums and the Ecological Reserves Unit (BC Gov), leading to her involvement in conservation issues and as founding Director of the Friends of Ecological Reserves. Since 2006, she has worked as UVIC’s Development & External Relations Officer


Working as Park Naturalist & Environmental Educator for 10+ years, Reed has taught the wonders of both land and sea through the CRD Regional Parks, Vancouver Aquarium and the Whale camp on Grand Mana Island. Her community involvement is on the creative side, in ukulele, singing, dancing and art

Morgan Slavkin

Curtis Smith

Moving from Toronto to Victoria in 2003, Morgan pursued a BA in Sociology from UVIC, graduating in 2008. After an internship in Rarotonga, Cook Islands, she worked as Communications & Outreach Coordinator at the Pacific Peoples’ Partnership (PPP). Continuing as a Board Member when she started as Special Events Officer at UVIC

Born in New Westminster and raised in Victoria, Curtis graduated with a degree in Political Science from UVIC in 2010. Previously communications officer at the Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles, he is now with the Ministry of Environment and Board President of Leadership Victoria (2019)

Marna Lynn Smith

Scott Treble

Born in New Westminster and raised in Victoria, Curtis graduated with a degree in Political Science from UVIC in 2010. Previously communications officer at the Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles, he is now with the Ministry of Environment and Board President of Leadership Victoria (2019)


After growing up in Regina and graduating university, Scott joined the RCMP in 1987. Moving to Victoria with his wife Kristine, he joined the Saanich Police in ’94. In addition to acting as a supervisor, he spent three years dedicated to the investigation of child sexual abuse

Stacey Trudigan

Kathleen Walsh

Prior to becoming Assistant Deputy Warden at Vancouver Island Regional Correctional Centre (Victoria, BC), Stacey served with the Canadian Forces from 1984 – ’96. During this time, he served on two United Nations peace-keeping missions (Cyprus ’88, Croatia ‘92/’93)

Kathleen credits her strong sense of community value to her small-town roots. An avid-reader and education enthusiast, she is a graduate of three universities. Employed at BC Public Services, she leads the employee communications team with 15 years of stakeholder relations experience

Mena Westhaver

Caitlin Wynne


Mena has worked in the industries of health, wellness & recreation. Growing up on the ice, she has continued this interest as a coach in Saanich’s Community Recreation for 25+ years. Leading her to create Sole Sisters Victoria (Women’s walk/run program). She loves community and integrating fitness and engagement into it all


From a young age, Caitlin knew she wanted to help others and make a difference. She became an Early Childhood Educator which led her to her roles at Fernwood Neighborhood Resource Group (NRG), those including Child Care Programs Coordinator and Manager of daycare programs