2008 Community Action Projects

Arts Speaks!

Community Partner: Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Greater Victoria 

Team Drawing Bridges - 

Members: Mary Chu, Lisa Hill, Karen Kasner, Alex MacQuaig, Mike Ray, Kelly Tillsley, Roselynn Verwoord 

Coach: Shauna Fenwick

ArtSpeaks! was an innovative one-year pilot project that combined the transformative power of art with the proven benefits of mentorship. With their community partner, they matched interested people ranging from ages 7 – 18 years. These matches help build supportive, mentoring relationships and explored artistic self-expression in monthly creative workshops facilitated by inspirational established artists in the area of visual and performing arts, media, poetry, and writing.

S.T.E.P.S. -

Sustainable Transformation to Employment Programs 

Community Partner: Harrison Place, Victoria Women's Transition House Society

Team Ozsome - 

Members: Sakya Newman, Jennifer Sandmaier, Sue Wilson, Jennifer Wood, Pat Zimmel

Coach: Al Kemp

The STEPs project aimed to help the women of Harrison Place, a program of Victoria Women’s Transition House secure meaningful employment to improve their lifestyle. The goal of STEPs was to identify how to improve participation in and completion of the programs by the residents of Harrison Place while identifying new support services to improve their ability to find suitable employment. This was achieved by completion of a needs assessment which led the team to develop and facilitate workshops to discover and explore ways of a successful transition to employment.

Sponsors & Donors: Victoria Foundation, Bridges for Women Society and Triumph Vocational Services

Reynold's Green Space Project 

Community Partner: Reynolds Secondary School

Team Committed - 

MembersJohn Carlow, John Hall, John Craig, Dan Daroche, Kelly Binette

Coach: Berry Herring

This project involved the general restoration and natural revitalization on the front school ground of Reynolds School.  The courtyard was transformed into a self-sustaining, learning and relaxing common area.  Natural species, garden beds with water management, and aesthetic elements were used in the components of the design.

Sponsors & Donors: LADR Landscape architects, Lehna Malmkvist (Sustainable water management consultant), Victoria Foundation, Reynolds School Parent Advisory Committee, Vancity, Sierra Systems, Victoria Real Estate Board, ImmunoPercise Antibodies, UVic instructors and students from the Restoration of Natural Systems and Environmental Studies programs, Lifecycles Society Growing Schools Project, and Louise Carlow and anonymous donors

Discovery Centre Project

Community Partner: Seachange Marine Conservation Society

Team Vibrance - 

MembersWendy Harris, Amanda Morris, Darius Miller, Melissa Donaldson, Kate Read, Naomi Wyman

Coach: Roberta Burris

With other interested community groups, Team Vibrance facilitated meeting sessions to set goals and define responsibilities for committees in the creation of the Gorge Waterway Discovery Centre which had originally been a canteen. Revitalizing an abandoned hot dog stand to a community center focused on bringing conservation and environmental knowledge and experiences to both children and adults. The learning center connects people with nature highlighting the unique features of life and history of the Gorge Waterway. 

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