2007 Program Alumni

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Nikki Antenberg

Acacia Ashton

Graduating from business college in Colorado with a medical lab technician diploma, Nikki has 10+ years experience in the financial analyst field. She has also worked for BC Gov.

Acacia’s interests lie in highlighting and finding solutions to the issues that face the community we live in. With these interests in mind, she pursued a career in Broadcast Journalism.

Catriona Brens-Murray

Louise Carlow

Catriona originally aimed to pursue a degree in law but instead completed her CMA designation. She has worked many temporary positions in various areas of the Government.

Louise found a passion for administrative and organization with the community. Through mentorship, she was able to enjoy a wide variety of challenges and successes.

Karla Dolinsky Photo

Hyesoon Kim

Karla Dolinsky


HyeSoon moved to Canada to pursue advanced education at UBC & UVIC. Trained as a cultural historian, specializing in intercultural communication, he has taught and managed international programs at UVIC.

After graduating from UVIC with a BSc in Linguistics and Neuropsychology, Karla also achieved her Masters in Psycholinguistics from the University of Alberta. She is currently a private-practice counselor and EMDR Therapist.

Marijke Edmondson

Laurel Fossett

Marijke's degree in Canadian studies led her to be involved in university governance, community planning, and affordable housing. She also studied public administration (UVIC) and later worked for the Ministry of Community Services.

Graduating with a BA from UVIC, Laurel became involved in Community Recreation through the Municipality of Saanich. Her job allows her to enhance the lives of youth in the community that we live in.

Debbie Futter

Daniel Hegg

Having worked in IT with the Ministry of Health, Debbie switched career paths and worked as a business analyst in Home & Community Care and Mental Health & Addictions programs. She co-founded the New Hope Schools Society, a non-profit dedicated to completing a primary school project in Uganda.

While completing his degree in Commerce, Daniel helped initiate and run the UVIC Business Sustainability Club. Daniel went on to complete a multi-university interdisciplinary Masters degree in sustainable business in both Victoria and New Zealand.

Janice Helmer

Lee Herrin

Janice's Co-op Education in Human Resources at Camosun College highlights her passion for working through problems with others. She enjoys working with children and families in addition to her students and colleagues.

Graduating from UVIC with a BA, Lee continued his studies to pursue a master’s degree in environmental studies at York University. Lee worked at BC Stats and was later promoted to Manager of Surveys and Analysis of BC Statistics.

Tracy James

Maggie Winters

Tracy holds an MA in Environment and Management from Royal Roads University and a BA in Political Science from McGill. She is currently the director of compliance management at the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources.

Maggie graduated from the University of Saskatchewan. She is currently Client Executive at TELUS Communications Inc. Through her work, she is responsible for developing strategic partnerships with the BC Government.

Brenda Kennedy

John Cavelti

Brenda is a member of the Human Resources Team at UVIC, where she specializes in compensation.

John works with the BC Housing Management Commission. His work there involves the preparation and presentation of information sessions. 

Jamie Pearce Photo

Lisa Nichols (Oghma)

Jamie Pearce

Lisa is a financial officer at the Ministry for Children & Family Development headquarters. She has extensive experience in financial management with the government, wholesale, retail, and non-profit organizations.

Jamie started as Sergeant in the Focused Enforcement Team with the Victoria Police Department. He is now Inspector and officer in charge of the Esquimalt division. He managed a Close Protection Unit for the UN in Kosovo.

Anna Russo

Raveen Sanghera


Graduating with a BA in French Studies from Montreal’s Concordia University, Anna moved to Victoria, looking forward to being a part of building a sustainable, vibrant and inclusive community.


Raveen completed a BCom degree in International Business and then furthered her studies with an MBA in Service Management (UVIC). Having worked at UVIC, she is now Program Director at Simon Fraser University.

Marie Savage Photo

Marie Savage

Karen Tannas

Before Marie was Administrative Coordinator for the Victoria Branch of the Urban Development Institute, she was a freelance writer having received two fellowships and published two books. Her great hope for the future is that all buildings will be created green.

Karen obtained her BCom in Finance from UBC and a BLA from UVIC. Karen articled with the Ministry of Attorney General and remained with the ministry to focus on forestry, mining, oil, gas and other natural resource and environmental legal issues.


Karen Wallis


In the late 90s, Karen began her career as a Coordinator of Volunteers for the James Bay Community Project. She then went on to work for the Saanich Police Department as Coordinator of Volunteers.



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