2007 Community Action Projects

Mary Manning Project for Healthy Families

Community Partner: Mary Manning Centre for Child Abuse Prevention and Counseling Society of Victoria

Team Galaxy Girls - 

Members: Maggie Winters, Catriona Murray, Janice Helmer, Karla Dolinsky, Hyesoon Kim, Debbie Futter

Coach: Nancy Greer

The Mary Manning Centre (Victoria Child Abuse Prevention and Counselling Centre) offers support to the child or children who were abused and all family members affected by the abuse.  The project for this team involved preparing a thorough report of prevention programs and possible gaps to be used for planning and funding proposals while building connections with other agencies in Greater Victoria. 

This was implemented through a re-usable prevention survey tool. The team also refreshed the family room at the center which is used for counseling sessions which were revealed at an open house. Sourcing backpacks with treats were provided for clients (children).

More Victoria 

Community Partners: Coldstar Freight Systems Inc., Silver Threads, James Bay New Horizons Society

Team Ripple Effect - 

MembersJohn Cavelti, Laurel Fossett, Lee Herrin, Tracy James, Brenda Kennedy, Raveen Sanghera

Coach: Al Kemp

The team established a network to increase the amount of food available to seniors’ service partner agencies.  This was accomplished through the rescue and redirection of food otherwise destined for disposal from corporate and institutional partners.  The social service partner agencies involved were free to choose the manner in which they would provide food to their clients through various programs. 

Street Feet

Community Partner: Victoria Cool Aid Society 

Team Street Feet - 

Members: Nikki Antenbring, Marike Edmondson, Jamie Pearce, Marie Savage, Karen Tannas

Coach: Barry Herring

The team assisted the Victoria Cool Aid Society to receive personal care items at no cost for the homeless. As a result, the team facilitated community partnerships with the Salvation Army Thrift Stores and Mayfair Dental Clinic to resolve the storage challenge at Streetlink and provide ongoing donations of clothing and dental hygiene products. The team also developed plans for school sock donation events in conjunction with Monterey and Colquitz Middle Schools in an expanding program that focuses on student leadership and compassion. Working with the sporting community.

Project partners: Frontrunners and Runners of Compassion to manage a fun run in support of the Cool Aid Shelter Program that encouraged members of the public to donate personal care items.

Urban Rain Garden

Community Partner: Victoria West Elementary School 

Team Today's Stewards for tomorrow - 

Members: Acacia Ashton, Louise Carlow, Daniel Hegg, Lisa Nichols, Anna Russo, Karen Wallis

Coach: Shauna Fenwick

A rain garden was built at Victoria West Elementary School which served as an interactive classroom providing students with a way to explore issues of sustainability and discover ways in which their environment could be improved. The garden also provided a community gathering place and a play area for students.

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