2006 Community Action Projects


Neighbourhood Threads 

Community Partner: Saanich Neighbourhood Place & Silver Threads (Saanich)

Team Navigator -

Members: Carol O'Fallon, Karasima Brands, Christopher Parsons, Tara Timmers, Peter Fast

Coach: Shauna Fenwick

This project united two agencies, Saanich Neighbourhood Place and Silver Threads to serve as a vehicle of literacy with an intergenerational relationship. The goal was to recruit senior volunteers to read to children. The main outcome for this project included bridging the gap between the ages by setting up a scheduled time for children to find comfort in a story read to them by a “Grandparent” figure. The team connected the partners to the Times Colonist Book Drive where non-profit organizations had the opportunity to receive books that would be used in this project.

Sponsors: Neighbourhood Threads, Saanich Neighborhood Place, Silver Threads

Opening Hearts, Opening Minds

Community Partner: Our Place Society

Team Tapped In - 

Members: Jason Carvalho, Sabine Feulgen, Foster Jones, Heather Kirkham, Jodi Sing, Malcolm Sneddon

Coach: Al Kemp

Through the publication of a 4-page broadsheet published by Black Press, the project team was able to help introduce the services provided by Our Place to the broader community and create greater understanding and acceptance of homelessness and poverty in the area.  A “Call to Action” for public support of Our Place was developed with distribution reaching 106,000.

Sponsors & Donors: Jensen Architects, Victoria Steering Committee Homelessness, BC Housing, North Douglas Sysco, BC Transit, City of Victoria, Knappett Projects Inc. Cool Aid Society and AVI, Coast Capital and UVIC School of Public.

Project Pheonix

Community Partner: Federation of BC Youth in Care Networks (FBCIYICN Ministry of Family & Children, Boys & Girls Club of Greater Victoria)

Team Footprint; Helping Youth in Transition - 

Members: Kristy Circuna, Stephen Jordan, Mike Orcutt, Heather Regan, Maja Tait

Coach: Nancy Greer

After much research, investigation and speaking with professionals in the community, Team Footprint began to understand the importance and need to help youth in the community, Upon speaking to FBCYICN, and learning of the opportunity to compile and distribute "Welcome" and "Independence" kits to local youth either entering into, or leaving government care. The kits contain practical items and community resource information to help youth make successful transitions into new stages in their lives.

Sponsor: Ministry of Child & Family development

Project Vital City

Community Partner: The Victoria Foundation 

Team Vitality - 

Members: Marion Ashton, Garth Caters, Lorna Herzog, Kirsten Marten

Coach: Bill Headen

This project focuses on community collaboration and celebrating the work that can be accomplished when our community works together. The Victoria Foundation's legacy of connecting people who care with causes that matter was the perfect match to partner with Team Vitality in this project. Thus, Project Vital City, a community painting project, became part of marking the 70th anniversary of the Victoria's Foundation.

Renowned artist Ted Harrison designed the original image, Victoria Visions, which was enlarged by a Studio Art class at Lambrick Park Secondary, creating a giant 'paint-by-numbers'.  The enlarged version was painted by a different community organization. The participating organizations represent each of the community sectors that benefit from grants through the Victoria Foundation. The community painting was unveiled at the Victoria Foundation's Vital-a-Tea.

Sponsors: Alzheimer Society of British Columbia, Wild ARC, KidsSport, Langham Court Theatre, Victoria Read Society, Wear 2 Start, The Lodge at Broadmead Foundation

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