2004 Community Action Projects

Celebration of Colour 

Community Partners: Streetlink Shelter, Cool-Aid Society

Team Members: Carolyn Rioux, Miriam Korn, Bonn Hallett, Robin Fast, Tony Cheong

Coach: Bill Headen

In cooperation with other community groups, this team revitalized the women’s Streetlink shelter.  The team painted walls, replaced counters and sinks, provided new curtains, replaced all furniture in the lounge area, filled a bookcase with books and cards, hung quilts, created murals and arranged for the donation of a sound system.  This made for a comfortable space to improve the quality of life for women seeking shelter and was revealed at an Open House.

Sponsors & Donors: Helping Hands, Colour Your World, Island Blueprint, CIL Paint, Tri-City Finishing, University of Victoria, EMCO, Sound Solutions, and Colonial Countertops, seamstresses and local artists.

Kids 4 Kid 2 Kids

Community Partner: MacCauley Elementary School

Team Members: Allain McCallum, Antolijus Fouracre, Christina Shore, Frank Hudson, Joanne Balance, Kim Dunlap

Coach: Al Kemp

This project was created to address a major community challenge: the literacy gap in pre-school aged children in Greater Victoria.  By working with Macaulay Elementary School, one classroom was encouraged to draw a picture and write a story based on the question, “What would it be like if I lived under the sea?” Their stories were published into a book for other children to read and enjoy.  The children’s accomplishments were celebrated at a book launch

Sponsors: Xerox Canada, Open School BC


Team Reflect Our Limits, Push Our Boundaries: Helping Family Caregivers

Community Partner: Family Caregivers Network Society

Team Members: Margot Briggs, Peggy Cady, Andrew Carmichael, Nicole Kudor, Sabine Schuerholz-Lehr, Cory Waters

Coach: Gilda Good

This team partnered with the Family Caregivers Network Society of Victoria to increase community awareness of the Society’s work and to enable them to reach a greater range of family caregivers not currently receiving the Society’s support.  The team helped connect FCNS with members, while at the same time gathering valuable information regarding the special needs of family caregivers.  The team also solicited interest in a new volunteer ambassador program for the FCNS and trained three volunteer ambassadors in presentation techniques.  A comprehensive package for the volunteer ambassador program was created for both the volunteers and FCNS.  This project was highlighted at the launch of the volunteer ambassador program. 

Random Acts of Kindness

Community Partner: VanCity Credit Union

Team Members: Francies Hobbis, Teresa Koroll, Denise Lloyd, Paul Servos, Diane Van der Gucht, Ivan Watson

Coach: Edie Copland

The Random Kindness Project offered opportunities and encouragement for individuals to perform acts of generosity and kindness in the Victoria community.  People who were “victims” of acts of random kindness were encouraged to “perform” one on someone else with the goal of spreading the philosophy as far into the community within a concentrated time frame. The random acts of kindness performed included the handing out bus tickets, putting money in parking meters, giving away magazines and gift certificates, chocolates and flowers and dog-walking at the SPCA. 

Sponsors: BC Ferries, Thrifty Foods, Connoisseur Catering, Rogers Chocolates, Huston Signs, City of Victoria, Cady Graphics, DDS Communications, Eurosa Gardens, Team Sales, Royal Victoria Yacht Club, Greater Victoria Public Library, McCooey Consulting, Dragonfly Daycare, Silver Threads, GO! Magazine, CH TV

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