2002 Community Action Projects



Elizabeth Fry Future Establishment & Creation Team

Community Partner: Elizabeth Fry of Greater Vancouver 

Team Members: Kathleen Campbell, Sue Morgan, Winnie Lee, Janet Parkes, Gerald Loiselle, Ray Parks

Coach: Bill Headen

The EFFECT team recognized a lack of resources on Vancouver Island for women involved with the justice system as an issue.  The team believed that a step towards alleviating this problem was to open an Elizabeth Fry Society to serve the women and youth of Victoria.  In other cities, Elizabeth Fry societies run shelters for homeless women, lobbying for stable housing, helping women and youth access resources, and run or advocate for programming for women, youth and families at risk.  The project initiated to assist the Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver in opening a "sister" society in Victoria.

The EFFECT team acted as the initial Community Advisory Council for the future Elizabeth Fry Society of Victoria, identifying the immediate needs of Victoria by communicating and collaborating with local community groups, institutions, and stakeholders. Interviews were held with a wide variety of individuals representing organizations associated with women and justice issues. From these interviews and research on what programs and facilities were currently offered in town, a plan was developed detailing how an Elizabeth Fry Society could most effectively add to programs and facilities in Victoria without duplicating them.

Graffiti Clean-Up

Community Partner: Lansdowne Middle School

Team Members: Penny Kellet, Kara Flannigan, Steve Ocherton, Bhagwant Sandhu, Glenda Goertz, Elaine Venables

Coach: Craig Pinder

Graffiti, from this team’s research, has contributed to the following; a decline in property values, an increase in anxiety from residents, increase in taxes, along with an increase in crime.  Our aim was to address this present concern of the CRD, and involve those who are affected by it, in resolving it. The team connected with youth at Lansdowne School, the business community affected by the graffiti, and the Police department.  A one-day cleanup event was organized to undertake a campaign to remove graffiti from public facilities. 

Sponsors & Donors: Thrifty Foods, Cloverdale Paints and Shenanigans Sportswear

Youth Week

Community Partner: City of Victoria, City of Esquimalt, City of Oak Bay

Team MembersDan Gunn, Rob Jawanda, Colin Plant, Sharlene Smith, Sharon Smith, Carol Whitehouse

Coach: Gilda Good

Although Youth Week has been federally proclaimed each year and celebrated in British Columbia since 1996, it had not been promoted in Victoria. Under the sponsorship of Saanich Recreation, and in partnership with the cities of Victoria, Esquimalt and Oak Bay, promoted Youth Week on May 6th - 12th, 2002. The project outcomes were to promote the value of youth in our communities; celebrate the contributions youth make to our society, and involve and mentor youth in developing activities and events.

Wealth Wizards

Community Partner: Victoria Chamber of Commerce


Team Members: Kevin Arndt, Katie Scott, Jeannette Hughes, Kate Watt, Lara Lauzon, Dean Polvi

Coach: Al Kemp

The addition of a well-being theme to the Chamber Business Directory and Daily Planner was proposed for the Wealth Wizards Community Action Project. This would be accomplished either through the simple addition of personal mottos, tips for productivity, life-balance and other information to the current book format or through more detailed work changing the format of the document to make it more usable and more attractive.

The primary source of the wellness messages would be obtained through discussion with members of the Chamber of Commerce. The goal would be to obtain coping/thriving/ planning techniques and suggestions from members to create a "pool" of quotes and ideas from which the Chamber of Commerce could choose as required for use in the 2003 and future Business Directory and Daily Planners. Other ideas of wellness information could also be obtained from research or other information available from Wealth Wizards members to supplement as required.

Note: After the team submitted their work, the Chamber decided to drop publication of the planner

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