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We Develop Leaders.

  • Have you ever felt like you have a great idea and passion to make a difference?
  • Are you the kind of person that wants to connect to local changemakers?
  • Have you ever wondered how you will stand out and advance your career?
  • Are you ready to make a lasting local contribution?


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Are you ready to lead?

At Leadership Victoria we have years of high-level local experience to develop the kind of hard-working and passionate leaders who know they want to change the world.

Our leadership training course is not for everyone.  It demands your attention and time, it will stretch your ideas about leadership and it will quickly accelerate your local leadership presence.

We're not for everyone.  We're for leaders.


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What people are saying

Our 2017-2018 graduating class had something to say about our leadership program:


Leadership Victoria created the foundation for my network when I was new to Victoria


I met community leaders during our sessions whom I am still in contact a year later


The fact that the program supports people to challenge themselves through a very difficult task builds the capacity, resilience, and tool kit of everyone who finishes the program. At the end, you have the confidence to lead change in the community that you may not have had before.


Our Leadership Program

Join with the over 325 alumni from the past 19 years who have grown as influential community leaders. 


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    Community Leadership Development Program

    Founded in 2001, the Community Leadership Development Program is our flagship program. It takes emerging leaders from the public, private, and non-profit sectors and sets them up for success as community leaders. 

    The 2018/19 Community Leadership Development Program is a four month learning journey that starts in November and runs through February 2019. We combine exclusive content (live workshops and online classrooms) with open public events so participants deepen their connections to the leaders of Greater Victoria.

    Our learning model adopts Bloom's Taxonomy's 70-20-10 rule: learning is most effective when 10% involves theory, 20% involves peer engagement and 70% involves experiential or applied learning. This is accomplished through real-world Community Action Projects with our community partner.

    Peer engagement is key to successful learning, so we balance our program between live workshops and online classrooms. Our online components focus on collaboration and discussions, supported by team coaches. 

    Registration for this year’s program is open now.  

    Explore our program through these topic areas:

    Our Leadership Approach - the Four Pillars of Community Leadership

    Program Components - What to Expect

    Community Action Projects

    Is this Right for Me? (Benefits for Learners)

    Is this Right for My Employee? (Benefits for Employers)

    What is the Cost?

    What are the Next Steps?

    New! Prior Learning Credit for Camosun College Leadership Development Certificate

    Graduates of our program from 2015 onwards can present their Leadership Victoria program completion to apply for prior learning credit towards the Camosun College Certificate in Leadership Development. Our program is recognized as meeting the requirements for the core components (66 hours) of the Leadership Development Certificate.

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    The Perfect Image of Community Leadership

    The Victoria Community Leadership Awards 2018 was a night to remember. The community leaders were truly honoured and celebrated by the Lieutenant Governor, the community, and their peers.  Do you see yourself in the high-resolution photograph below? Please feel free to download this picture as a lasting memento of the event and of those who were celebrated. Will it be you standing, honoured, on those stairs in 2019?  
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    Welcome to our new Executive Director

    Please welcome Mark Crocker to the position of Executive Director of Leadership Victoria. Mark brings a passion for building healthy communities and extensive experience leading projects and training volunteers doing humanitarian work all over the world. Mark designed and delivers a cross cultural training certificate program for leaders of volunteer teams working overseas, and he also consults and coaches individuals and groups engaged in making an impact in community development and cross cultural settings. Mark currently volunteers as a director of the New Hope Schools society, where he is working on introducing a smokeless stove design to reduce respiratory disease for families in Haiti. Locally, Mark helped to organize the successful refugee sponsorship event in June 2016 put on by the Inter-Cultural Association and the Anglican Diocese to provide information to community members interested in sponsoring refugees in Victoria. Mark is an innovator, a connector and a community builder, and he is looking forward to using these skills to help Leadership Victoria launch its new program and to continue to develop, celebrate and support leaders engaged in building a vibrant community.  
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