Next Steps

Here are the steps for getting involved as a participant in the Community Leadership Development Program:

1. Attend an Information Session (optional but highly recommended).

2. Submit an Expression of Interest.

3. Application Screening - Acceptance Decision

4. Complete your Full Registration Package

Information Sessions

A 60-minute presentation and Q&A opportunity to find out more about the program. We encourage interested participants to attend a free information session, which are scheduled in March, April, and May.

Before or after the Information Session, we encourage you to discuss this program with your employer and identify how it fits into your career goals and how it can benefit your employer to have you participate. Most participants have their tuition paid for by employers, although some people make this investment in themselves.

Expression of Interest

This is where you'll introduce yourself, explain your interest in the program, and share your current and past community and work leadership experiences. We will ask you to upload your resume and have a reference submit an online recommendation for you, indicating your potential as a community leader. There are also four essay questions for you to complete:

  1. What particular strengths do you bring to the Leadership Victoria program?
  2. How do you see the Leadership Victoria program supporting your development as a leader?
  3. What community issues in Greater Victoria motivate you to want to become a community leader?
  4. How will you apply your community leadership skills after the program is complete?

The Expression of Interest is submitted online via a form which will be linked here when our intake process is open for 2017-18.

Application Screening

Our Recruitment Team will consider all applications and accept a group of 20-24 participants who represent the diversity of Greater Victoria, and who will collectively create a positive learning environment for community leadership growth.

Some participants are referred to the program by their employers. Leadership Victoria works with employers who want to have in-house screening/application processes to make sure that the criteria for internal selection are aligned with our overall selection process.

Complete Full Registration Package

Once you have received notification of your acceptance into the program, there are a few final steps to complete your registration:

Applicants who are selected for the program will submit an Employer Commitment of Support form to indicate that you have the support of your employer, as the program involves missing days of work. If you're self-employed or not currently employed, the Employer Commitment step can be skipped.

We also have a questionnaire covering personal needs for the program, like dietary restrictions and emergency contacts.

Tuition is payable upon your acceptance into the program. Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable after the program retreat.

Thank you for your interest!


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