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  Community Action Projects

At the Opening Retreat participants become part of teams that will partner with existing community organizations to develop and deliver projects with a lasting benefit for the community.   Each team is assigned an experienced Coach to help ensure that projects are manageable, to assist in connections with community resources, and to intervene in team dynamics if required.

Community Action Projects give participants an opportunity to work collaboratively, practice group development, and engage in participatory decision-making.  In essence, the projects make community laboratories by providing unique opportunities to exercise skills and knowledge gained from Community Learning Days and to apply leadership skills in a tangible context that results in concrete outcomes.

Community agencies and their constituents benefit as participants develop their leadership capacity. In the course of their projects, participants gain practical insight into the workings of Greater Victoria communities.

Community Action Project eams present the results of their projects at a Graduation Ceremony.

Our four most recent projects from the 2012/2013 Cohort are listed below.

For a list of past Community Action Projects click here.



The Navigators - When Opportunists Knock


Community Partner: Silver Threads Service


This team’s mission was to promote healthy communities by fostering increased knowledge and resiliency. Their project empowered 59 seniors to navigate resources and become informed about scams. Target Theatre set the tone at two events with their fun and informative play “Dot Con.” Afterwards, experts from the Better Business Bureau, Oak Bay Police, Silver Threads, Citizen’s Counseling Centre, and Police Victim Services led a lively discussion. Participants reported feeling more informed, connected, and confident after attending.


Project Donors and Sponsors: Victoria Foundation, Target Theatre, Greater Victoria Police Victim Services, Constable Rick Anthony, Better Business Bureau, Citizen's Counselling, CRD, GPEB Responsible Gaming, Coast Capital Savings



Team tHarmony - Driven - Financial Literacy


Community Partner: Parkland Secondary School


With an astounding household average of $38,837 in non-mortgage-related debt , tHarmony’s project was directed at offering that apple a day, that ounce of prevention that the grade 10 student’s of Heidi Hackman’s Planning 10 class needed. Our 3-day session offered a full suite of Financial Literacy topics, pulled together in a student handbook. Through theory bursts, activities, and budgeting exercises, we hope to have left these 30 students in a more aware and ready position. Keeping the sessions interactive and varied in teaching mediums, the handbook for these students will also act as a resource to look back on.


Driven Booklet - The road to success is paved with good planning


Project Donors and Sponsors: Vancity Savings Credit Union


Team Awesome – Amazing Day


Community Partner: Threshold Housing Society


The “Amazing Day” project was an action-packed one-day event designed especially for youth. During this event, 13 at-risk youth participated in a variety of adventurous new activities with their peers and community role models. At the end of the event, each youth received a special care package that included a number of items donated by supporters in the community. Team Awesome designed the day and care packages through consultation with the youth. Media was involved to bring awareness to the project, Threshold Housing Society and the issue of youth homelessness.


Watch the Amazing Day Video


Project Donors and Sponsors: Click here for the list




Team Guerrilla Blackboards


Community Partner: The Victoria Foundation


This team provided the opportunity for youth in Greater Victoria to express opinions, thoughts and concerns in a creative and unique way. Large 8”x4” blackboards were placed around the Greater Victoria region, and youth were encouraged to allow their voice to be real, raw, unedited and uncensored. The information collected was presented to the community in an exhibition at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria where the team encouraged attendees to ‘start the conversation’. The team’s hope is that results of this initiative will be considered by The Victoria Foundation and other grantors, for future youth programming within the community.


Scene & Heard Photo Gallery


Slam Poet Kanika Rae Jackson performing at Guerrilla Blackboards launch


Project Donors and Sponsors: Click here for the list




For a list of past Community Action Projects click here.



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