Strategic Planning - The Roadmap To Your Organization's Future

It can be great belonging to a community organization - getting to know people with similar interests, doing things that make a difference, and celebrating your accomplishments. But sometimes it's hard to make those things happen; people can get stuck doing things the way they have always been done and become so focused on the "now" that there is no chance to get a vision for the future. That is where strategic planning comes in.

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Leading In Community Brings Skills, Fun to Community Leadership

Leading in Community offers half-day, full-day combination and evening training workshops for people on working boards, in community associations, parent advisory groups, sports and cultural organizations and other community groups. 

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Book Review: The Networked Nonprofit

If you're interested in non-profit work or any kind of social change as an extracurricular adventure, you'll want to read The Networked Nonprofit by Beth Kanter and Allison H. Fine. Beth Kanter in particular is an author you'll want to follow.

I took this home over the weekend from our rather large Leadership & Non-profits library here at Leadership Victoria, and zoomed through it faster than I get through most non-fiction books. The writing style is snappy and concise, and the authors know whereof they speak.

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Alumni Opportunity: Enhancing your Non-Profit Leadership Practice

In times of constant change the non-profit sector needs great leadership! And our leaders come from many places - on-the-ground volunteers to board members, front-line staff to Executive Directors. 

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Leaders Create Healthy Communities

Dr. Trevor Hancock's presentation at the Leadership Victoria AGM on November 17 elicited a great discussion about what makes a healthy community, and how we know when we're living in one.


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Wanted: Alumni Engagement Coordinator

Are you keen to build a community of caring, skilled community leaders? Do you have the skills and passion to develop and lead alumni activities for Leadership Victoria? We are looking for a volunteer Alumni Engagement Coordinator, ideally for a one year commitment. Read on for the detailed position description...

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Workshop Series Leadership Contract Opportunity

Leadership Victoria is looking for a special person to work with us on a contract basis from now until June 2016. This person will help us to design, plan, coordinate and host a workshop series for grassroots organizers and community volunteers. We're accepting Expressions of Interest until November 12 at 4pm. Please take a look and consider if this is something that would be a fit for you!

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Launch 2015

The Community Leadership Development Program launched with a resounding cheer on September 18, with a weekend of learning and team challenges at the Cowichan Lake Outdoor Education Centre. As the new Executive Director, I attended the graduation celebration of the 2014-15 program last May, which showed me the finishing point for our community leaders. The Launch Weekend gave me a whole new appreciation for the journey our participants navigate, by showing me the beginnings. 

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LV Alumni Profile: Lee Herrin

We asked LV Alumni Lee Herrin (LV'07) to answer five questions as our first Alumni Profile. Read on to discover more about this intriguing man who has a distinctive approach to leadership... and style!

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Seeing Systems: Community Learning Day

Leadership Victoria's alumni, volunteers, directors, mentors, friends and fans are invited to take part in the October 24 Community Learning Day. You'll be an active, learning participant as we explore the terrain of power, relationships and complex systems. This workshop is part of our Community Leadership Development Program, and thanks to the generosity of our workshop facilitators Shauna Fenwick and Phil Cady, we are able to open up the session to a wider audience!

Join us:

October 24, 2015, 8:30am-4:30pm
The Quarterdeck, Royal Roads University

Space is limited, so please sign up early. The fee for this one-day program is $40 - covering all your food and snack breaks, and your entry into this highly-regarded workshop.


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