All In the Family - LV Welcomes a Second Generation Participant!

I am looking forward to being part of the CLD program. I feel it will really help me to improve my self-confidence so that I can be a better member of the community, and improve myself at work.” Tatum Savage

Leadership Victoria is always excited to welcome our program participants each year, but this year, we are especially excited to be welcoming Tatum Savage. She will be a “second generation” participant, and her mom, Marie Savage (Grad of 2007) couldn’t be more proud.


Tatum and MarieMarie explains, “I want Tatum to learn great leadership skills, understand the process of building a team, planning a project, modifying the plan and executing it while also being genuinely useful to a community group. I’m thrilled that she was accepted!”

Tatum, a Customer Support Rep for Flow Technology, is also the volunteer coordinator for Victoria Women in Games. This is a new organization working to support, educate and connect women in the games industry throughout Victoria. By taking part in the Community Leadership Development program this year, Tatum looks forward to building on her current leadership abilities while growing new important business skills and networks, and improving her self-confidence along the way. She is also hoping the skills she gains will help her to be able to really expand the work that Women in Games is doing.  

“I see Women in Games as an organization that can reach out to girls and tell them hey, you can be a nerd, you can be a scientist, you can build games if that’s what you want. By telling girls they can do anything they want, we’re creating a more equal and welcoming community. The more welcoming and equal communities we have, the better society will be overall,” says Tatum.

Marie and Tatum are the second mother-daughter pair to learn about community leadership through our program. Marion (mom) and Acacia Ashton completed the Community Leadership Development Program in 2006 and 2007 respectively.

Congratulations Tatum - and all of our incoming community leaders - for being accepted into the program this fall. We can’t wait to see how each of you will harness your learning and skills for the good of our community.  


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