Who We Are

Leadership Victoria is a community-based, voluntary organization committed to developing, recognizing and honouring outstanding community leaders in building a vibrant community. Since 2000, we have become the go-to organization for community leadership development in Greater Victoria. As volunteer board members, coaches, mentors, facilitators and program partners, we put our collective skills and expertise to work to develop Victoria’s emerging generation of leaders.

Since its inception, Leadership Victoria has graduated over 280 participants who have completed nearly 50 community action projects, leaving a tangible legacy in our community.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

-John Quincy Adams

Our Mission:

To develop, support, and celebrate leaders who are passionately engaged in building a vibrant community.

Our Values:

Collaboration, Stewardship and Community Impact.

Our Vision:

For the Community: A Vibrant community well served by a network of capable engaged community leaders.

For the Organization: With deep roots in the community and an active network of champions and friends, Leadership Victoria is the pre-eminent community leadership development organization in the CRD and a resource for and facilitator of community growth and development.

Constitution and Bylaws

Constitution - Adapted for BC Societies Act Transition - Filed November 29, 2016

Bylaws - Leadership Victoria Bylaws for Transition

What We Do:

As part of a national and international network of community-based leadership programs, we foster community collaboration and partnerships and provide opportunities for emerging leaders to really make things happen. Our three main programs include:

  • Community Leadership Learning Experience The core nine-month experiential-based learning program – a challenging and life-enriching action development program that hones the skills of emerging leaders by immersing them in solving real-world community issues.
  • The annual Victoria Community Leadership Awards (VCLA’s), led by Leadership Victoria in partnership with the Victoria Foundation, and the University of Victoria, recognizing outstanding community leaders throughout the Capital Region.
  • Regular leadership symposiums and targeted workshop programming providing opportunities for community leaders to gather and challenge conventional wisdom on pressing community issues, and for community volunteers to develop skills in leadership to support their activities.

Why We Do It:

Leadership Victoria believes the community’s future is in our hands. Because community leadership can be taught and learned, as a community we are accountable for developing leaders and ensuring the current generation passes on its skills and wisdom to promising new leaders. Our community faces many challenges. Experienced, trained leaders are required more than ever to tackle those challenges head on. Leadership Victoria’s successes speak loudly – a decade of hands-on, tangible community legacies and an engaged network of active community leaders putting their skills to work every day.

“By engaging, we foster leadership that helps build and maintain a vibrant community.”   

– Victoria’s Vital Signs


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