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Leadership Victoria is a community-based, voluntary organization committed to developing, supporting and celebrating leadership as a critical part of a vibrant community.

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    Are you seeking a real-life, real-time opportunity to learn leadership practices and put your personal values into action? Leadership Victoria’s flagship Community Leadership Development program is a unique experience that will inspire, challenge and develop your “inner leader”. We bring together people who are passionate about our community, from all sectors of our economy: business, government, and not-for-profit. Through a series of face-to-face Community Learning Days, participants develop leadership competencies that are put to the test in a nine-month Community Action Project which achieves a lasting positive impact. Applications are now open for our 2016-17 class, which begins September 2016. We invite you to explore more!
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    Understanding the Social Fabric of our Community and Expanding Our Horizons

    The 2016/2017 cohort completed their sixth and seventh Community Learning Days among the trees and wildlife at the Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary. Friday, January 20th started with a bang as groups discussed their ride along experiences and were taken on a guided walk of the gallery at the Nature House. The cohort then jumped into a riveting theory presentation on Stakeholder Analysis. Afterwards, they undertook an interactive group activity that demonstrated how to prioritize stakeholders on a flip-chart and discuss which stakeholders in Greater Victoria may have an impact on their final community action project.  A wonderful presentation was given by Maureen Sawa from the Greater Victoria Public Library. The day ended with incredible presentations and peer feedback from our groups about their future Community Action Projects. It has been incredible to witness the personal growth of all our participants and we are excited to see the outcome of their Community Action Projects. On Saturday, January 21st, participants began the day by discussing their Community Action projects followed by not one, but TWO theory lectures, on mindfulness and how to make a successful elevator pitch in 60 seconds or less. Participants were then encouraged to test out their elevator speeches on at least three mentors who were present for the Community Learning Day. We can now say that our cohort is fully equipped to approach important stakeholders in the community and leave them with a lasting impression that may translate their visions into measurable impacts. Participants found that the learning days "...contained a wonderful combination of interesting topics and inspirational guests." One of our students, Maria, found that the experience allowed her to develop a deeper understanding about the community, stakeholders, connections, and at the same time, reflection about how to build resilience and a healthy mind. She enjoyed hearing about the other team projects and was excited to see how they have evolved over the last 5 months.  A special thanks to our amazing Facilitators, Coaches & Mentors: Roberta Burris, Nooreen Preusser, Norma Louden, Edie Dittman, Jennifer O’Halloran, Diana Smith, Fiona Prince, Annette Siewertsen, Rosemary Cannon, Deb Hopkins, Libby Rush, Val St. John, Susanne Bell, Suzanne Dane, Veronica Osborn, Erin Wagg.      
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    Community Learning Day: Guest Speaker Bradley Dick

    On December 10th, the 2016/2017 cohort attended a Community Learning Day at the Songhees Wellness Centre. We had a two-day session planned (December 9-10) but Mother Nature intervened with snow on December 9, so we had to postpone that day's events into January. Having cleared the ice and found the winter gloves, our cohort convened on December 10 with lots of energy and stories about the weather adventures. The day started out with several tips to source funding for the Community Action Projects that are in development by the 2016/2017 cohort. One participant Maria, stated that "Susan Low provided a major focus on developing good relationships and understanding with community partners." She found that the Community Learning Day was a very inspirational and informative day! The rest of the day consisted of immersive experience that involved learning about the history, cultural practices and challenges of the Coast Salish people.                                                Songhees Wellness Centre (Interior) Our lovely Guest Speaker, Bradley Dick, discussed his cultural background, the significance of the Songhees presence on their traditional territory as well as his own personal family stories. Bradley provided a strong historical foundation for our participants by explaining the first contact by settlers in the area and how this drastically impacted the lifestyle of Coast Salish peoples in this region.  Maria was excited to learn the knowledge shared by Bradley Dick that has been transferred to him by his elders. She found that "...he formed a powerful energy circle which brought reflection for openness and gratefulness."  Guest Speaker: Bradley Dick (Songhees Nation Member)  We look forward to our next Community Learning Days on January 20th & 21st at the Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary. Be sure to check back on our blog for future updates! For more information on our Community Leadership Development Program, or to find out if this program is right for you click here. 
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